About Geetanjali

London-born, Los Angeles-raised with a sojourn in Punjab, India in her formative years, Geetanjali has been curating culture from her homeland for decades. She arrived in Los Angeles in the mid-70s with a thick British accent and an immigrant attitude of hustle to match.

Geetanjali’s time in Punjab was followed by immersion in the 80s hip hop scene, equipping her with the ability to easily move between cultures. She is equally at home in Ludhiana, Mumbai, LA, and NY.  Geetanjali is inspired by each place and the unique gifts they offer - always grounded in her love for India. 

She has followed the path of bringing India to the West in many forms: she started her first fashion line 20 years ago, making Indian-inspired pieces accessible to the West, she has signed award-wining Indian films for distribution on Hulu and Netflix, and delivered India’s most beloved art films online for the first time ever. 

In 2010, Geetanjali founded Republic of Brown as a platform to elevate Brown voices. In 2020, Republic of Brown returns. Re-inspired by her recent travels to India, she is releasing a series of curated Drops. Beautiful, one-of-a-kind items sourced in India, and made available for a limited time.


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