Your Workout, With Benefits

Sarina Jain, founder Masala Bhangra

It’s two months till summer and the quiet whisper of bikinis, tank tops and shorts will soon become a roar as the weather turns.

We know, we know – you’ve got no time to exercise between work, your jam packed social calendar, making your next million/film/deal.

We’ve got your work around – or your work out. With this one, all you over achievers can check off not one, but two boxes on your to do list. Besides “workout” you can mark as completed, “master dance moves to impress at weddings.”

Get ready for Masala Bhangra, the brainchild of Sarina Jain and the workout that’s now celebrating 11 years. Jain has been called the “Jane Fonda of India” and to watch her is to understand why. She exudes a passion for bhangra that leaps from the screen. She’s trained global ambassadors and taken her Masala Bhangra workout to Sweden, Kuwait, Japan, Belgium, Latin America and soon to Italy.

Jain incorporates the “folkness of Bhangra with the exhiliration of Bollywood” to create a board certified workout that makes you smile while sweating. One upside to this workout – you can now be that guy at the wedding showing off your dance moves – you know the one in the middle of the circle.

And because we want you to enjoy the summer, shine at weddings, and fit into last year’s jeans, we got you a deal.  For the next 7 days you can get any of the Masala Bhangra DVDs for 20% off. Just enter republicofbrown20 at check out. Shop here.

Now go get your dhol beat on.

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Check out a taste of Masala Bhangra, interview with Deepak Chopra and the making of the Jain’s latest DVD shot in Mumbai.

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