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Sometimes you just need a good dose of an image rich, high quality magazine – with an Indian twist.

Until now, your solution has been a guy named Stan at the specialty newsstand miles from your house. If you’re lucky, you fork over ten dollars to get one of three issues of the Indian Editions of GQ, Vogue or Conde Nast Traveller. And that for a copy that’s already three months old. At this point you’ll be reading about the “new film” that’s no longer in theaters, wearing a trend that’s come and gone and planning a vacation out of season.

You like Stan, he provides the scratch to your magazine itch, but you can’t help thinking, “This is the digital age, there must be another way.”

You’re right. There is.

Plug in, log on and visit – the place to get your digital magazines – on the computer, iphone, ipad and now on android.

The magazines are less than 2 dollars an issue and are current within several days of print publication.

We know you’re already down with brown – you’re reading this here and now after all. But if you still want more, there’s now a way to get it. Say goodbye to Stan.

Get Vogue India here.

Get GQ India here.

Get Conde Nast Traveller here.

And if you’re reading this,  but aren’t getting Republic of Brown in your in box – let’s remedy that – sign up here to get your free weekly email.

Getting Indo-cool just got a little easier.

Now through August 12th to celebrate their launch on Android, you can download the Android app and get 12 magazines free here.

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