Where on Earth is RoB?

There are times in life where you just have to put your head down and get it done. Your focus is singular and you’re working towards a goal.

You’re studying for the Bar or MCATS, mixing your DJ set for the evening’s show, trying to ship your product out the door. You’re striving for something you really want, something that your heart desires and you have to give it your all. Your friends will understand.

The last several months, we’ve been striving towards something we really want: to bring South Asian independent films to you and to the Hulu/Youtube/Netflix streaming, film watching audience of the world.

We’ve got a lot going on that we’ll share in the coming weeks, but you can get a taste of what we’re doing with a first look at Republic of Brown’s YouTube channel featuring the award winnning film AMU by director Shonali Bose.

AMU premiered at the Berlin Film Festival, the Toronto Film Festival and won India’s
National Film Award for Best Feature Film in English. If you haven’t seen it, you must and now you can, with ease – this weekend even.

The New York Times review calls the film an “ambitious debut feature by Shonali Bose”. AMU  “wears its political heart on its sleeve and is unafraid to tackle big topics: identity, history, truth, injustice.”

We agree with actor Aamir Khan and think now more than ever that AMU is “a bold and heartrending film, extremely well made and deeply moving. It’s an important film as it is very relevant to our times.”

Wondered where we’ve been?

Now you know.

Check out the trailer below. Watch the entire film here.



More films coming to you soon. Have film loving friends? Send them this story and make their day.

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