What Charlie Sheen, Kim Kardashian and Snoop Dog have in Common

Arnie Gullov-Singh, CEO Ad.ly

They’re all doing it – Tweeting for dollars.

Charlie Sheen, Snoop Dog, Kim Kardashian, Cristiano Ronaldo, the list goes on.

In Charlie Sheen’s case, he broke records by gaining 1,000,000 followers in his first 24 hours on Twitter. And 2,000,000 the next.

All were helped by Tweetmaster, Arnie Gullov-Singh and his team at ad.ly – the rapidly growing company handling celebrity endorsements for Twitter.

Gullov-Singh hails from the UK. Born to an Indian Father and German mother, he’s the perfect English gentleman and we can’t help wonder if his demeanor and accent helped 50 Cent, Deepak Chopra and Mallika Sherawat join the Ad.ly family. Or was it his years of experience of News Corp’s Fox Audience Network (FAN) and Yahoo? You can decide for yourself in the video below, but first the Charlie Sheen story and what Twitter can do for you.

It’s a pretty straightforward Hollywood tale – with a social media twist. In the wake of Sheen’s flameout, a media firestorm took over all messaging and owned the “truth”. Sheen wanted his voice to be authentically heard. Twitter seemed just the place.

Next steps: Manager contacts ad.ly’s Gullov-Singh who in a quick move secured @charliesheen and the rest is well, Twitter history.

Ok, you’re not a rap star, world-renowned athlete, don’t have your own reality show with your sisters (yet), why do you need twitter?

Besides the fact that you can’t escape the Twitter revolution all around – It has changed the nature of conversations and often accelerated them – As Gullov-Singh says, “people are the new publishers. And the people with the greatest scale (most fans & followers) are celebrities.” Think of this as your chance at social media fame. Or just have a little fun and widen your circle of influence. Or maybe you just like to know what’s happening in the Zeitgeist.

And if you’re going to do it, do it right. We’re bringing the tricks of the Tweet trade to you courtesy of Gullov-Singh. Below are 11 steps Ad.ly gives to celebs to get them started:

  1. Set yourself a goal. E.g. reaching 10k followers in the next 30 days, 100k in the next 90 days.(Unless you’re rap star, maybe it’s more like 100 followers in 30 days.)
  2. Remember the 3C’s: Content; Comedy; Controversy. Users are on Twitter to discover what’s new and exciting today. If you give them new and exciting stuff they will follow you and spread the word that you share great content.
  3. Be strategic about who you follow. Follow influential people (esp. other celebs) you know in real life and get them to follow you back. Especially those who are verified and have 50k+ followers.
  4. Reach out to, and connect with, other celebs on Twitter that are popular and in the media day-to-day. Fans love it when they see celebs having a conversation on Twitter that they can follow and jump in on.
  5. Reply to your followers, especially the influential ones. Where appropriate, retweet their messages.
  6. The easiest way to encourage clicking is to post a link to a unique photo or piece of content, with a well written headline. Use bit.ly to shorten your urls and track your clicks.
  7. Post in the morning. Gives you a whole day to get picked up, retweeted etc in the media cycle.
  8. When you talk to the press make sure they know you are on Twitter. They will follow you, retweet you, mention you in their stories, mention you on Twitter etc.
  9. If you can, run occasional giveaways, like asking a question and rewarding the best answer with a prize, or giving a prize for your 10,000th, 20,000th follower. The bigger the prize, the more attention it will get in the media.
  10. Use hashtags to make it easy for fans to search on your pet topics, and to kick-start trends on Twitter that can snowball when fans jump in. (Example: #winning or any of the hashtag trends you see)
  11. And finally — stick with it! Like anything else it takes perseverance to get there

Words of wisdom from the Twitter experts. Now, let’s get this party started – follow us on Twitter @republicofbrown (you can click and follow from this page) and tell us your Twitter handle right here so we can converse in more places. And in case you want to Tweet this article. You may want to use a hashtag. We’d like to suggest #Indocool.

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Here’s Arnie Gullov-Singh speaking about Ad.ly.

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