We’ve had Work Done

Geetanjali Dhillon, CEO and Founder, Republic of Brown

Well, not me. But my baby, Republic of Brown.

Yep, RoB has had work done. And it’s fitting given we’re celebrating 2 years and 95 issues of downright Indo-cool flava. (Happy birthday to us!)

For the last 2 years we’ve focused on delivering a weekly dose of Indo-cool to your inbox. The site hasn’t been a site so much as an archive of stories.

That’s changing as of today.

We think it’s time to grow up and bring you into the conversation in a meaningful way.

So what you’ll see now at www.republicofbrown.com is a clean, image-driven layout that makes it delicious for you to browse, share, comment and pin.

We want to hear from you and we want you to be able to share as you like.

My birthday wish today is that you visit the site and browse the new home page.  You’ll likely find stories you haven’t seen. Choose one that moves you and comment, tweet, pin to share it with the world.

Consider it a birthday celebration of Indo-cool proportions.

We’re still making improvements so you’ll see more things change in the next few weeks.

I’d love to hear from you. Email me at geetanjali@republicofbrown.com or find me on twitter at geetanjali@twitter.com.

Thank you for reading and coming back week after week.

Check out the new home page and do your thing here.

Peace, love and gratitude,


Celebrating 2 Years of Republic of Brown!
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