Unladylike Comedy. If You Dare.

Radhika Vaz, attempting to be ladylike
Radhika Vaz, attempting to be ladylike

You’re not one to step into anything lightly. Especially not a new year.

If your resolutions include be bold, try new things and laugh out loud (on something besides your phone), meet Bombay-born comedian Radhika Vaz, whose one woman show will have you alternating between fits of laughter and gasps of “ohmygodIcan’tbelieveshesaidthatinpublic”.

Some women just don’t have the heart, mind or body to be a lady. And Vaz is one such woman.

She cuts to the truth during her hour-long show. A brutally honest and hilarious exploration of womanhood, Vaz plows head first into subjects typically discussed only behind closed doors – with girlfriends, over martinis.

Vaz recently sold out shows in New York and India with audiences loudly appreciating her unabashed performance. And she’s bringing her one-woman comedy show ‘Unladylike: The Pitfalls of Propriety’ to Los Angeles January 19, 20 and 21st.

Get your tickets here and use the code MOUSETRAP for $5 off the online price of $18

For those of you in India, she’s back to the Motherland in March. For the rest of you, get a taste of Vaz on her blog www.radvaz.com/. If you’re not alone, you may want to listen with earphones. This is one woman who puts it all out there.

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