This is What Love Looks Like

“The law of love could be best understood and learned through little children.” Mahatma Gandhi

Every once in a while if you’re lucky, something comes along that will change your life forever. An experience so profound that your routine is disrupted and your heart and soul are ignited with an inexplicable feeling of joy and connectedness.

Sounds good right?

Then we’d like to introduce you to Ekatva, “The journey of 16 kids from the slums of Ahmedabad to Oneness” through music, dance and performance.

Presented by the nonprofit Manav Sadhna and Darpana Academy of Performing Arts, the story of Ekatva will transform you – as it does anyone who is privileged to see these children in action.

From the most unlikely place on earth, the slums of India, comes a troop of kids who have been trained in dance and performance – through love and compassion. The purpose of the project is multi-fold, to help the individual children of course, but that belies the real transformation occurring on a global level.

These children were selected from hundreds and trained for a year. The resulting performance has yielded a “tool for external inspiration”. There is no greater triumph of the human spirit then to have hopelessness dissolve in the face of love. To bear witness to these children as they perform gives us a renewed belief in the good of humanity and the power of love.

It is not just a dance we’re watching, it is hope. And it is awe inspiring.

You can see for yourself, Ekatva is touring the US and the UK in the coming weeks.

We are thankful to be able to give away 50 tickets to the upcoming show in LA on June 2. We’ll give away a pair of tickets to the first 25 people who tell us on our Facebook page why they want to see the performance. Watch the video below and you’ll find your reason.

Take a look at the children of Ekatva. Get ready to be uplifted.



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