The UK Club Scene, a Sexy DJ and a Superfly Soundtrack

There are some great things to watch coming out of the UK. And we’re not talking Kate and William here.

This one’s a little more Brown with a little more flavor – urban, Asian, real-life with a superfly remixed Bollywood/dub-step soundtrack. Think Lata Mangeshkhar meets Sean Paul.

Welcome to the film Everywhere + Nowhere, directed by acclaimed UK based, Bangladeshi writer and director, Menhaj Huda of Kidulthood fame.

The film is a coming of age story about a DJ who takes old Hindi Bollywood songs and remixes them into contemporary break beats /dance tracks with dub-step.

Releasing on May 6th in the UK, Everywhere + Nowhere is creating similar buzz to Huda’s first crowd favorite, Kidalthood. Committed to making movies that show real Asian British life, Huda brings to screen the gritty, complex, multidimensional aspects of second generation Asians.  With Everywhere + Nowhere he wanted to “show young Asian guys being regular people – drinking and chatting up girls – not blowing up bombs or killing people.”

As Huda puts it, “there are very few films that give you an idea of the reality of life in the UK – we’re very good at exporting movies like the Kings Speech, Pride and Prejudice – which look back at a previous time in a glorified way. There are no films about contemporary real life, especially of Asians.”

So he made one.

And one that comes with a killer soundtrack adding powerfully to the film’s authenticity. Did we mention the cast? A sexy, young group of talented actors who bring energy and intensity to bear for Huda.

If you’re in the UK this weekend go see it. If not, we’ll hook you up. We’ve got the movie trailer, the video teaser to the title song by Sonna Rele, and 3 tracks from the unreleased soundtrack, just for you.

Listen with the volume on high.

Everywhere + Nowhere movie soundtrack by Republic of Brown

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