The Shirt Women Steal From Men

You’re in a bind.

It’s Friday night, you’re headed out for the evening’s festivities but you don’t quite know where the night will take you. What to wear?

Enter the ultimate, multipurpose shirt/kurta/sweatshirt aka “the Camiz.“

Buttery soft cotton, Indian inspired design with a modern cut that manages to flatter and cover in all the right ways. (Ladies, it looks super sexy alone or with a pencil skirt. Just don’t tell him we told you to “borrow” it.)

This is no simple garment. Oh contraire, this carefully constructed and uber designed tunic is strong on personality and style. Each Camiz  is named to reflect its special features – The Doctor, the Architect, the Writer, the Professor, the Engineer and the Ninja. Depending on the personality of the Camiz you choose for the night you’ll get extra pockets, hidden pockets, peeks of color and always hand dyed fabric with hand stitched buttons and a killer fit.

Named by its four Mumbai based creators originally hailing from Toronto, the Camiz came about when Dr. Saab  first moved to Mumbai. He needed a shirt that could deal with the heat, but still look fly. So he made a shirt for himself that he – and everyone else – loved and just had to have. With the help of a friend, Engineer Bhai  and two other partners, Michiko  and Dimpy, came more Camiz styles and a groovy website and blog.

The team of four bills the Camiz as one of their experimental projects with many other creative endeavors to follow.

We call it our new wardrobe staple – trust us, you’ll want to order two because someone is sure to steal one. We’re partial to the Ninja – black, sleek, well-fitted. Good for a night on the town in any corner of the world.

For a limited time, Republic of Brown readers can get 20% off the Camiz.  Just enter ROB20 in the discount code box on check out. Besides the classic six designs, don’t miss their limited editions made in honor of Che Guevara and Micheal Jackson with new designs coming soon.

P.S. shipping for one Camiz out of India is the same as shipping for many. Hint.

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See more Camiz styles below and at

The Che
The Architect
A "borrowed" Camiz
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