The Real Like Button, a Summer Paperback and Music for Your Ears

The “Likeable” Guy

A conversation with Rohit Bhargava may just shift the way you do business. You’ll likely come away wanting to be nicer. Maybe even smile a bit more with clients and colleagues. Bhargava, a marketing expert and Senior Vice President, Global Strategy & Planning at Ogilvy, helps companies bring humanity back to their business. Bhargava has a new book out – Likeonomics – all about the real secret of success. You can buy or get a nice long excerpt of the book right here.

Check out Rohit Bhargava’s Tedx talk.

We’re excited to announce that Republic of Brown will be hosting Rohit Bhargava’s LA book launch along with our South Asians in media and marketing networking event on June 29th. You have plenty of time to practice your smile. Save the date and pass it on! Details coming soon.

Listen Up Party People

We’ve told you about Gingger Shanker before. She of the “Double Violin, Rocking Film score and Mos Def” fame. She’s back and working on a new album. You can hear tracks on her facebook page. And if you’re in LA on June 26th, she plays at the Largo. Get your tickets right here.

A Paperback for Your Summer Road Trip

We loved this book when we told you about it last year. “Potent, lush and sensual, The Girl in the Garden is a dark, grown-up fairy tale that will enchant and resonate long after the last page has been read.”  Author Kamala Nair is just back from Italy where her book spent 3 weeks on the best seller list.

The Girl in the Garden is available in paperback June 12th, just in time for summer. You can slip it into your beach bag (and you should) and lose yourself surf side.

Kamala wrote us an exclusive piece about the journey of her first novel. It’s a touching and real look at what goes into a passion project, and how to birth something and let it go. Read her very personal essay here.

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