Scarlett Johansson, Arjun Rampal and a Bottle of Moet

Scarlett Johansson and Arjun Rampal. Photo courtesy Moet and Chandon.

It’s three weeks till the Oscars and two weeks till Valentines day. Time to start chilling the champagne.

If you make that champagne Moët and Chandon, you’d be in good company.

Just ask Scarlett Johansson and Arjun Rampal.  These specimans of gorgeousness gathered with others of their tribe a few months ago to dine in the cellars of the original Moët family home on the Avenue of Champagne in Epernay, celebrating Moët and Chandon’s 300 year old history of sharing the magic of champagne.

Ms. Johansson held court as the official ambassador for Moët while Mr. Rampal represented the Indian Film Fraternity admirably.

Now we know you’ve got pull, but not all of us can get that invite to dine in the cellar of a world-renowned champagne house. We can, however, make our own champagne moments whenever we want a little celebration in our daily lives. Recall aforementioned and fast approaching Valentines day and night of the golden statue.

To up our knowledge, we spoke with Luxury expert, Gaurav Bhatia aka Champagne Boy for tips on enjoying a glass – or bottle – of the bubbly.

RoB: What Indian foods can you pair champagne with?

GB: The Moët & Chandon Impérial pairs beautifully with Indian food.  Mildly spiced, tandoori dishes work best.  Cauliflower with some masala work very well with Moët Impérial.  Heavy tomato-based sauces are best avoided.

The Moët & Chandon Rosé works well with a tandoori salmon, fish, seafood, poultry and game spiced mildly.

RoB: Just like white wine should be served chilled, what is the optimum temperature to serve champagne at?

GB: Always serve champagne chilled – 6-8 degrees °C/43 to 48°F is perfect.

RoB: What is the best way to store champagne?

GB: Don’t store it!  Uncork it – and you will take the evening from ordinary to extraordinary.  If you really must store it, do so in a cool, dark place, lying horizontally.

And you must have at least 2 bottles in the chiller.  Who knows when people may drop by!

Indeed, one never knows when a mild mannered dinner party will turn into a champagne night.

In case you need a little inspiration to open a bottle, watch this:

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Photo courtesy of Moet and Chandon
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