Republic of Brown’s Photo Shoot by Ash Gupta

This was a fun day. We got some friends together and threw a photo shoot (party) with L.A. based photographer Ash Gupta doing the honors behind the lens. Everyone was such a great sport. Thanks Shalini, Poonam, Amit, Jai, Nikhil, Arshiya, Kavi and Ash. Here are a few shots we loved…

Jai giving Amit and Nikhil tips on getting into the business

Amit gets his shot right

Poonam turns out to be an absolute natural

Shalini always brings the glam!

Geetanjali giving Satnam direction. He’s trying very hard to be serious.

Geetanjali hams it up with Kavi and Shalini

Jai and Geetanjali. Just. Like. That.

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