Music for Your Rapture Moment

Sometimes music is so good in its original form, you can’t imagine it could get any better. Then magic happens and great artists and great minds become willing to try something new. Something that produces a moment of rapture for the listener and the artists.

We’re talking rapture of the pleasurable kind. (Not the actual lift you up and carry you away to Heaven kind.)

Webster’s defines rap·ture (noun) as:

1. A feeling of intense pleasure or joy
Gita listened with rapture

And when it’s inspired by music, it’s a beautiful thing.

This is precisely what Coke Studio has accomplished in Pakistan over the last 3 years. The music produced in the Coke Studios by Rohail Hyatt and his team has been described as “mindblowing, transporting, producing collaborations beyond imagination”.

However defined, it is music that will take your breath away. This is how we prefer our rapture.

But before we introduce the music, a little background on the ambitious endeavor.  Launched in Pakistan in 2008, Coke Studio’s intention is to celebrate the country’s diversity and acknowledge the power of music to break barriers. The musical collaborations bring together Pakistan’s rich and varied cultural heritage. Musicians  from across the country are invited to come together and share their individuality. From rock music, qawwalis, pop, eastern classical, modern, and traditional folk, all genres are represented and respected in the studio.

Quite an inspired step by Coca-Cola. The result: an unparalleled musical experience for the participants and the listener alike.

But enough talking, it’s time for the reveal. Music is a universal language so don’t be dissuaded if you don’t understand the words. You will certainly be able to appreciate the artistry, passion, and collaborative process that comes through boldly in each video. Allow it to wash over you. Give it a chance and something will stir inside of you. That something is the murmering of … yes, rapture.

We selected a few of our favorites. A few million people agree with us as well.

Model and Singer Meesha Shafi takes our breath away with this song.

Arif Lohar and Meesha Shafi singing Alif Allah Chambay Di Booty – check out minute 4:30. The joy is contagious.

The story of Coke Studio

What you need to know:
Explore the Coke Studio site
Coke Studio launches in India in June, 2011
Did we mention the free downloads? For your continued listening pleasure, you can download your favorite songs straight from the Coke Studio site for free.

This is one time we can say a soft drink is doing something good for you.

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