Mumbai, We Love You.

Image courtesy of our friends at wethepeopleareready

We had a different story planned for today. One about summer cocktails, small plates and a play list. But this seemed misplaced given the bombings in Mumbai yesterday morning.

Instead, in this time of grief we simply want to offer our condolences to those who have lost friends and family. And to all Mumbaikars we send you strength and love.

The picture here says it all. Feel free to take it and make it your own or Like it below and it’ll post straight to Facebook. Together we’ll spread it across the digital landscape in support of the city with an amazing heart.

A few resources:

Get live news on the latest from Mumbai on NDTV24X7, CNN-IBN, Times Now

Life’s images from the Mumbai blasts.

On twitter use #heretohelp to offer assistance to those in need

If you have other information to share, please post in the comments below.

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