Indian Superfood Your Skinny Jeans Will Love

What do you call an Indian meal that won’t leave you in a food coma (besides a myth)?

We call it Indian Superfood. So named by its creator, UK based chef Gurpareet Bains – a man on a mission to create the world’s healthiest meals combining traditional Indian cuisine with superfoods.

He’s spent the last 3 years perfecting his recipes and lucky for us has compiled them in his book of the same name, Indian Superfood.

What’s a Superfood, you ask? Foods containing antioxidants and vitamins which promote good health and ward off disease. Did we mention Bains lost 35 pounds while creating and sampling his own recipes?

Food alchemist that he is, Bains has combined ayurveda with modern science to produce culinary delights you can feel good devouring.  His signature dish is two years in the making: a chicken and blueberry curry with pilau rice and goji berries. A single plate contains as many health-boosting antioxidants as 49 bowls of spinach, 23 bunches of grapes or nine helpings of broccoli!

Indian Superfood is a hit in his native UK. Now Bains has his eye on the US, sharing facts about antioxidents and the power of spices. In his rich British accent Bains tells us that one quarter of the most anti-oxidant rich foods are spices. Who knew? And when did spices get so sexy? (Must be the accent.)

This is one cookbook you can actually cook from. Visually appealing, easy to read, peppered with a touch of Bains’ personality, Indian Superfood speaks to the non-chef as well as the seasoned (pun intended) chefs among you.

Our favorites include luxurious meat recipes balanced with remarkable digestive enzymes found in fruits; naans made with seaweed and roasted pumpkin seeds; and heavenly tasting salmon and sweet potato fishcakes.

Each recipe includes nutritional facts so you feel good – nay great – about eating that sweet potato samosa roll with tamarind reduction.

So go ahead, rock those skinny jeans and eat like your mama told you (in abundance).  Just make sure the dish comes out of Indian Superfood.

For those in the US who’ll be having turkey for Thanksgiving today, here’s an Indian Superfood recipe that your leftovers will love.

Turkey Curry with Blueberries and Cinnamon

Serve with Goji Berry and Green Pea Pilau

We’re giving away 5 signed copies of Indian Superfood. Just go to the Republic of Brown Facebook page and tell us your own “Indian Superfood” recipe.  We’ll pick 5 people from the recipes you send in by next Thursday.

Now, make your mama proud. Go forth and feast!

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