If it’s Good Enough For Padma Lakshmi…


Maybe it’s all those episodes of Top Chef. Or maybe you’re wooing a new love interest or trying to impress your mother-in-law. Whatever it is, you’re ready to get down and dirty in the kitchen. Cooking is after all, the new sexy.

And like with all things, you need the right equipment to get started.

So we’d like to introduce you to  Kalyustans, the NY based grocery store that is arguably the best spice market in the US. The store’s 3 stories are packed with well-stocked shelves containing more types of tea/tumeric/corriander/desi ghee/fill in the blank, then you ever knew existed.

But this is no ordinary spice store. Au contraire, this is Kalyustans. In business since 1944 and now run by the enthusiastic Aziz Osmani who explained the benefits of a spice from Kalyustan with a gleam in his eye that convinced us we need go nowhere else.

Their secret? They bring in ingredients from all over the world and grind the spices locally in NY with a special machine that freezes them. The end result yields spices that retain a higher percentage of essential oil. Translation: flavor bursting ingredients sure to boost your recipe from ordinary to extraordinary. Your mama would be proud.

Featured in NYTimes, Food and Wine Magazine, Saveur, Zagat and countless other places, Kalyustans is the go to market for the abundence of celebrity chefs in NY including Padma Lakshmi, a frequent Kalyustan customer. Even Whole Foods has caught on. They’ll soon begin carrying Kalyustans spices in many of their NY stores and we’re hoping it will spread across the country.

If you visit, be prepared to be overwhelmed and to break any promise of restraint you brought with you  through the door. Not only are there Indian spices in abundance (read 10 types of paprika), but they carry quality supplies from the Middle East as well. And don’t even get us started on the deli upstairs…

Can’t get to Curry Hill in NY?  You can order through their website and spice heaven will ship straight to you.

Ready, set, cook!

More on Kalyustans and to order, click here.

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