Gingger Shankar Blogs Sundance for RoB

Gingger Shankar, Mridu Chandra and Dave Liang - Creators of "Himalaya Song"

We’re excited to have Gingger Shankar blogging Sundance 2012  for Republic of Brown.  She was part of the Sundance Composer’s lab in 2007 and is now part of the Alumni Advisory Board. She is attending this year with her multimedia presentation called Himalaya Song, recently chosen as one of the 10 Best Music Films at Sundance 2012 by Rolling Stone Magazine.

Dispatch: Sundance 2012 by Gingger Shankar

This is my 5th time to park city for the festival. Every year it’s the familiar excitement- digging up winter clothes, trying to get tickets to the movies you want to see (which are always sold out!), email exchanges between friends to see who will be up there and if there’s an extra room (or sometimes floor) in a condo!

This year is especially exciting for me. Not only did I get the honor of being asked to be on the alumni advisory board with some incredible artists, I am also premiering an installation piece I worked on with Mridu Chandra and Shanghai Restoration Project at Sundance. The piece is called Himalaya Song and it is an ode to the Himalayas. Through music, storytelling, art and technology we have been able to create a multimedia film/performance art piece.

The first day of the festival kicked off with a New Frontier’s Social hour and a rehearsal for our project in the incredible new space New Frontiers has built this year at the Yard. We are so excited to premiere our project at Sundance and Shari Frilot (the programmer at New Frontiers) has been so supportive to bring it to the stage.
I ended the evening by attending the Artist at the Table opening night event. It is such a great idea- every table has an artist to talk to people about how they create their art, the process and the importance of the Sundance Labs. I glanced around the room and couldn’t believe the mind blowing talent surrounding me. Lynn Nottage (pulitzer prize winning playwright), Julia Ormond, Hank Willis Thomas (Question Bridge), Gina Rodriguez (star of Filly Brown), Dee Rees (director of Pariah), Cliff Martinez (composer of Drive). There really is no other place that cultivates such diverse talents and provides us all with a space to learn, be mentored and try (and fail) and try again.
Mr. Redford opened the evening with a fantastic speech about how important it is to support us independent artists. What more can be said?

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