Have Passion Will Travel, to India

Fiona Caulfield, author of The Love Travel Guides

I’m in love with a girl, who’s in love with the world and I can’t help but follow. – Amos Lee

You want your travel to have romance written all over it.  You pack your bags, board a plane and hope that the journey changes you.  Sometimes, it does and sometimes, it doesn’t.  Rarely does it lead you to return home, quit your job, move to a strange country, learn it intimately and write a travel guide of a new sort.  This is Fiona Caulfield’s story and the impetus to her Love Travel Guides.

I bought Love Bengaluru, the first in the series, from a barefooted man in his book-filled office in Manhattan, and he presented it to me, like a gift, in a cream-coloured bag – the same color as the book, which is printed on Tibetan raw silk (or ‘tsen’ as the production notes in the back inform you).  It is a quiet font and tone that welcomes you, peppered with eye-catching, inky illustrations, and a smell reminiscent of the bookstores of Bangalore; and you know that you hold in your hands, a travel book different than any other.  There is a bit of an old world air about it so that you feel like it could’ve been written about a different Bangalore – one that perhaps existed when Edith Wharton wrote her Morocco – a less-explored city, full of mystery and magic.  Beginning with the tale of the tired king being offered boiled beans and baptizing the place Benda Kaluru; to a tip on trees and tiffin; a knack for ferreting out the best of everything local; and a call to travel consciously by offering good charities in the city, this is a guide in the true sense of the word.  I visit Bangalore every year, having ties both familial and familiar, and yet this book caught me by surprise and left me feeling nostalgic, and invigorated for my next visit.

The Love Travel Guides also comprise the Indian cities of Delhi, Mumbai, and Jaipur, and future titles will include Goa, Kerala, Kolkata, Hyderabad and Chennai, as well as the neighboring country of Sri Lanka.

Fiona Caulfield set out on a quest to get to the heart of a country that she didn’t know before and fell in love with it.  And on reading her travel guide, the rest of us, as the song goes, can’t help but follow.

Story by Republic of Brown contributor, Rianka Mohan Udas.

More on Fiona Caulfield at http://www.lovetravelguides.com/

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