EAT PRAY LOVE, the Republic of Brown Way

Republic of Brown founder, Geetanjali Dhillon

You don’t have to be Julia Roberts or Elizabeth Gilbert to have your own EAT PRAY LOVE experience. We’re serving it up for you Republic of Brown Style, without the  global travel and heartbreak. Ladies, this one’s worth a forward to all your girlfriends who love to eat, shop and travel. And yes, gentlemen reading this should continue reading. We’re pretty confident you have a woman in your life, or want one. Pass this on to them for some instant female street cred.

You’re maxed out. The fast-lane has got you in desperate need for some soul food –  the kind that reminds you of your mother’s kitchen. This is not just about the eating experience, but about the art of cooking. It’s a meditation of sorts as you practice the ancient act of preparing a meal for the one you love the best, you.

It’s comfort food done the Indo-cool way. And we got our friends at renowned New York restaurant Tamarind in Tribeca, to share their most comforting soul food recipe. Easy to make, but with enough steps to make you feel like you’re engaged in the “alchemy of cooking.” (Think Tita in “Like Water for Chocolate“)

Read the recipe here

Everyone needs a break from the fast pace of doing to the soft place of being.  So put down your iphone, blackberry, and computer (after you finish this story) and pick up a mala; a string of prayer beads. It’s a simple act – ancient and powerful. You repeat a mantra or intention using the beads to count, which allows you to be fully present. Something we could all use a little more of.

And we love it when fashion collides with the spiritual. In our Indo-cool hunting, we found a mala we’re coveting. We put it on and it hasn’t come off since. (See picture above.) Since we like to share, we sourced a limited quantity just for Republic of Brown readers at a discounted price. It’s perfect over a t-shirt, under a jacket, or with a little black dress. They can’t keep it on the shelves at our favorite Santa Monica boutique, but you can get it here while they last.

You want your travel to have romance written all over it. You pack your bags, board a plane and hope that the journey changes you.  Sometimes, it does and sometimes, it doesn’t. Rarely does it lead you to return home, quit your job, move to a strange country, learn it intimately and write a travel guide of a new sort – unless you fall in love…with the place. In this case the place is India and the result is Fiona Caulfield’s beautifully written, impeccably researched Love Travel Guides of select Indian cities.

Fiona believes that falling in love with a city is just as exciting as falling in love with a person. “Your senses become more engaged and you simply feel more alive,” she says. The simplest criteria for inclusion in the guide was “does this place help you fall in love with this city?”

Travel & Leisure calls these guides “strikingly different, refreshingly intimate and beautifully designed.”

Read More about Fiona Caufield’s Love Travel Guides

We hope you create your own EAT PRAY LOVE experience – the Indo-cool way. Don’t keep this one to yourself, pass it on so your friends can enjoy as well. And if you like what you’re reading,  Share on Facebook and let us know!

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