A (Youtube) Star is Born

You’re on camera. Doing your thing in the internet age (read Youtube).

You give it your all for your fans and hope that your message will be appreciated.

Often it is. Sometimes it isn’t. But you don’t care because you have the courage of your convictions and the power of positive thinking.

You do if you’re Lilly Singh AKA Superwoman. With close to 10 million views and
55,000 subscribers, Singh is making her Youtube mark.

Part comedian, part motivational speaker, fully fierce – Singh seeks to entertain and uplift. She only begain her Youtube journey a year and a half ago. After a period of depression, Singh says, that she just decided one day to snap out of it – and she did, with a vengance and a Youtube channel. Now she seeks to help other people feel good through her semi-weekly videos and her event speaking.

With a psychology degree under her belt, Lilly makes sure people feel inspired. Correction, Lilly speaks from the heart and if you as viewers feel a connection, then more power to the collective you.

Born in Scarborough, Ontario, Lilly lives with her parents (her Mom’s her best friend) and will not do anyting that she cannot tell her mother about. She uses this philosophy and her spirituality as her guiding force – and her shield against the haters that sometimes show up after video posts.

Mostly Lilly gets a whole lot of love. She has dialed in the formula as Superwoman to make that intangible connection with her audience. She now boasts a vibrant fan following on Youtube, Facebook and Twitter.

So how did a Punjabi girl from Scarborough go from being a Psych major to a fulll time Youtube star? It takes guts, family support and the willingness to keep trying. Lilly’s advice to those considering putting themselves out there: “You need thick skin and you need believe in and love what you do more than you are afraid. It doesn’t matter what people say.”

We say, keep on doing your thing Superwoman. And in your words, we wish you “One Love”.

Check out her Youtube page right here.
You’ve likely seen her most popular video ‘Sh*t Punjabi Mother’s Say” with over 1.2 million views. Check it out right here. Superwoman on Facebook




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