A Superhero, a Blog and the Maximum City

If we were a Superhero, we’d be Indo-cool Man. Donning a cape and scouring the planet for signs of Indo-coolness. Ok, so maybe we need to work on the name a bit, but you get the idea.

But even a Superhero needs help once in a while. Batman had Robin. There were 4 in the fantastic 4. Wonder woman worked her lasso, cuffs and invisible plane and never broke a sweat.

At Republic of Brown, it’s our mission to find, filter and deliver the best in global Indo-coolness to you. And sometimes we need a little assistance. Good thing for us help is at hand to make our job easier in one of our favorite cities – Mumbai. It’s a city bursting with things to do, see, eat and more. Every jam-packed corner offers the promise of something magical.

So how is one supposed to make sense of the city? Especially one known as the “Maximum City.”

We’d like to introduce you to our friends at Mumbaiboss.com, a website devoted to covering Mumbai “in all its chaotic, seeping, shivering, all encompassing splendour.”

If you’re planning to travel to Mumbai, if you live in Mumbai and whether you call it Mumbai or Bombay, you’ve found a friend in the know. From local restaurants and bars, to shows, movies, music and books coming out in the city, Mumbai Boss gives you a guide to what’s new – making our job a bit easier.

Because even a superhero needs to stop for refreshment every now and again.  Now, please pass the Pav Bhaji.

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