Gingger Shankar, the Last Day at Sundance and Pancakes

Gingger Shankar blogs from Sundance where she premiered her multimedia project Himalaya Song.

The End of Summer Camp

So, after 11 or so days, we are at the end of another Sundance Film Festival. By this time there is less talking and more head nodding going on. Zombie summer camp is the best way to describe the feeling. We don’t know what time, day or planet we are on. Everyone has taken emergen-c,  some can no longer talk and others (like myself) can barely remember their names, let alone their films!

The last show for Himalaya Song was 2 nights ago (or maybe yesterday? 4 days ago??). The turnout was amazing and even our friends with tickets were turned away!  What really amazed us through all the performances was the audience. They really responded to the subject matter and the questions were brilliant. As we develop this project and take it to other places, we will always remember our first shows at Sundance. It really was the perfect place for us to start our journey.

It’s amazing thinking about the first time I performed at New Frontiers 4 years ago on main street when it was the ‘cool lounge’. What Shari Frilot has created and nurtured into this new space at the Yard is spectacular! I cannot wait to see how it keeps evolving and what artists they bring in the coming years.

I fly home today and even though I cannot wait to be home, I am starting to feel the sadness of leaving this place. Mridu and I were feeling it this morning as we packed up our condo and locked it for the last time. You start to realize how much you really do enjoy seeing all your friends (and new friends) every day here. I think my only consolation is that it’s 70 degrees back in LA.

The last day for me starts with the programmers’ pancake breakfast. I didn’t realize until I got there that they (the programmers) were actually making the pancakes and wearing fake mustaches!  A warning to all future attendees – eat the pancakes that the shorts programmers make, not the feature programmers.

I have to say thank you to all the programmers, directors and volunteers who make this festival run so smoothly. It is incredible how they manage so many people, events and films during the whirlwind of the festival!

One final note is that I finally realized the two best sentences at Sundance – ‘I’ll take you to lunch’ and ‘Do you need a lift?’

Until next year…

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